About Us

Tarek was always an outdoorsy type of person. He enjoyed being outside, exploring nature, and taking in the sights and sounds around him. When he heard about camping, it seemed like a natural fit for his interests. So when the opportunity to start up his own website blog about camping came along, Tarek jumped at it.

He started by researching all the different types of camping out there, from car camping to backpacking. He put together a comprehensive guide on how to camp safely and efficiently that included tips on what kind of gear you need as well as where to find good campsites near you.

Next Tarek moved on to creating content for his blog such as reviews of popular hiking trails, interviews with experienced campers who had unique stories to share, and even videos showing viewers how they can set up their own tents or cook over an open fire while camping in remote areas far away from civilization.

The blog proved very successful among its readership who would comment on posts asking questions or giving advice based on their own experiences in the great outdoors – something that greatly encouraged Tarek who wanted nothing more than to help people make the most out of their time spent in nature’s beautiful embrace.

Not only did this experience bring joy into Tarek’s life but soon enough it turned into a full-time job that allowed him to travel across various states discovering new places each day he stepped foot outside; all thanks to his passion for camping and writing about it!

Love in Camp