How to Keep Bears Away from Your Campsite

Bears are incredibly intelligent and powerful animals, so it’s important to understand how to keep them away from your campsite.

Bears are naturally attracted to food and scents that humans bring with them, so you must take the necessary precautions when camping in bear-populated areas.

This blog will provide some useful tips on how to keep bears away from your campsite.

1. Keep Your Campsite Clean

When visiting a campground, be sure to pick up all of your trash and dispose of it properly. If you leave scraps of food or other garbage behind, bears may become attracted and return to your campsite again and again.

To avoid attracting any wild animals, including bears, try not to leave any garbage outside of designated dumpsters or containers.

Additionally, try not to store any attractants in the tent such as food or toiletries since these can draw wild animals close by.

2. Store Food Properly

It is also important to store food properly when camping in bear-populated areas. Make sure that all food items (including snacks) are stored somewhere secure such as a bear box if available or inside a vehicle at night if not.

If you’re unable to store food properly, then consider packing it up and bringing it with you on your hike instead of leaving it unattended at the campsite.

Avoid leaving any odors lingering around the campsite as this can also attract wild animals such as bears.

3. Make Noise

Making noise can also help ward off bears from your campsite. If you know there are bears in the area, make sure everyone in your group shouts periodically while walking around campgrounds or hiking trails nearby.

Additionally, always carry an air horn or bear bell with you just in case you come across an unexpected bear encounter! The sound should scare off any potential predators that might be lurking nearby.


It is essential for campers and hikers alike to take extra precautions when spending time outdoors in bear-populated areas; understanding how to keep bears away from your campsite is key!

Be sure to clean up after yourself when visiting a campground, store food properly (including snacks), and make noise while walking around the area—these simple steps can help ensure that both yourself and the wildlife remain safe during your outdoor adventures!

With these tips in mind, now you’ll be better prepared for an enjoyable yet safe excursion into nature!

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