How to Repair a Tent Zipper

A tent zipper is one of the most important features of your tent, and it’s also prone to breaking or getting stuck. Learning how to fix tent zippers can save you from a lot of frustration and costly repairs down the line.

Whether you’re dealing with a sticky zipper, a broken slider, or a broken coil, here’s how to repair your tent zipper quickly and easily.

Fixing a Sticky Zipper

Sticky zippers are the most common type of tent zipper issue. If your zipper is sticking or won’t slide smoothly, try these tips first before attempting any repairs:

  • Run a candle or bar of soap along the zipper teeth (make sure not to get wax or soap on the fabric). This will help reduce friction between the fabric and teeth, allowing it to move more freely.
  • Rub some lubricant (such as WD-40) onto a paper towel and apply it directly onto the zipper teeth.
  • Check for any foreign objects that may be lodged in between the teeth (such as dirt or debris). If you find any objects blocking the movement, remove them with tweezers.

Fixing a Broken Slider

If your slider has become unhinged from the coil itself, this is an easy fix that requires no additional tools.

The slider should have two sides that can open up like a clamshell; just press on each side until they pop open and then slip them back onto the coils of your zip. Once they are secured in place, close them back up by pressing down on either side until they click shut again.

Replacing a Broken Coil

Unfortunately, if your coil has become damaged beyond repair (e.g., bent out of shape), then you will need to replace it entirely.

You can buy replacement coils online (usually for less than $10) for almost every kind of tent zipper size/style imaginable—just make sure you measure yours first so that you get one that fits!

To replace a broken coil, simply use wire cutters to snip off the old coil from where it attaches to either side of the fabric and then attach the new one in its place using a strong tape such as duct tape.


No matter what type of tent zipper issue you’re dealing with—whether it’s sticky teeth, broken sliders, or a completely busted coil—replacing or repairing your zip doesn’t have to be difficult!

With these tips in hand, campers everywhere can now rest assured knowing that their tent zippers will stay intact throughout even their wildest outdoor adventures!

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